Nowadays, people have grown to be more creative as to how they are going to spend time with their loved ones. Some chose to spend it at home, some love it by indulging on a fine dining at a local restaurant while others would prefer to travel in or out of the country.

New Zealand is more than a shooting place for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It is also an undoubtedly romantic destination. There have been countless weddings that were held, too many I do’s and engagements that were cried over and celebrated there. And if you are on your mission to find the perfect place to spend a day or two with the love of your life, this could be it.

But first, you have to look for the best car hire services around Christchurch airport. Having a vehicle to drive through places will bring convenience and give you a sure privacy. There are several cheap car rental companies to choose from. They are everywhere, and it’s up to you to pick the right one.

Academy Gold Cinema

Fancy seeing a movie while eating popcorns with your date? We recommend the Academy Gold Cinema, located at The Colombo in Sydenham. AGC is considered to be Christchurch’s leading Arthouse cinema with a 20s-30s vibe. You will love the mix of nostalgia and classic décor as well as the luxury armchair seats. Aside from the Academy Gold Cinema, you can also check out Hollywood Theatre and Alice in Videoland.

Hagley Park

Christchurch is known to be the Garden City so strolling in the park especially at night is a truly romantic experience. Situated in the center of Canterbury is the Hagley Park, seen as the green oasis of the city. It is the perfect choice for two people in love who would like to have a walk in the park, while holding hands of course! Being the third largest city park in the world, you won’t want to be anywhere else.

Avon River

There is nothing plain about this river. Go punting along the Avon River with your sweetheart and a skilled punter will tour you to the best spots in the park and city.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach stretches 18 kilometers from the Waimakariri River. Head to this place and watch flying kites at the sky while you wait for sunset. You can also have your candlelight dinner here in a waterfront restaurant offering romantic dining experience you will surely never forget.

 The Court Theatre

If you are the kind of couple who loves to laugh out loud, The Court Theatre is perfect for you. It features a script less comedy event where improvisers will turn any ideas of the audience into a really hilarious act. You can also have a pizza dinner or anything you want from the bar and restaurants available in the area.

Once you have found your rental car, you can drive down to these places to have that romantic date you have been dreaming of.