Top Five Kid-Friendly Queenstown Spots

Family time is rekindling, both for the parents and the children. School makes the kids busy, while work takes so much of the parents’ time. Striving to put in bonding activities here and there may be a challenge, but it could actually be possible. The key? Planning.

Traveling is more than spending a day or two in a foreign land. It is an investment of parents’ time for their children. Memories are created, trust is built, and relationships among the family gets deeper. If you want your kids’ next vacation to be as awesome as how they would imagine it, visit Queenstown, New Zealand.

With several car hire services available in the area, Queenstown is one of the cities in New Zealand where road trips are fun. The best car rental provider should deliver the best quality, convenience, and affordability for its customers. You may want to try cheaper ones that don’t compromise quality on cars and service, so you have more budget on the destination you are taking your family to.

Queenstown Underwater Observatory

The Queenstown Underwater Observatory is located at Main Town Pier, Marine Parade. This underwater adventure place offers an informative and entertaining program for all ages. The story board tells about the Maori mythological history of the Lake Wakatipu and the 40-year history of Kawarau Jet while visitors busy themselves with feeding the fishes.

 Minus 5 Degree Ice Bar

Your spouse will surely have fun at Queenstown’s ultimate Antarctic experience. With over 18 tonnes of crystal clear ice architecture, you will sure to live like a polar bear for a day. Tour around and take a look at the intricate ice furniture, handmade ice carvings found inside, and enjoy a sip of well-stirred drinks. You will surely get lost in a world crafted purely of ice and your daughter might finally live her dream Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

 Goldfields Mining Centre

Get into an interesting insight to New Zealand’s early history at the Goldfields Mining Centre. Situated at State Highway 6 in Cromwell, the Goldfields’ Park covers 25 hectares with several original historical sites. Make sure to bring a map with you so you and your family can explore the whole area. At the end of the tours, you will be shown how to pan for gold.

 Kiwi Birdlife Park

What better way to widen your children’s knowledge with birds than to drive them to Kiwi Birdlife Park? It is equally fun and impressively informative. The park has conservation shows where you can be up close and personal with New Zealand’s wildlife. Embrace yourself and be careful not to overly fascinate as you witness the characteristics and physical attributes of some native birds.

 Queenstown Ice Arena

Want to learn ice skating with your kids? Come and visit the Queenstown Ice Arena located in Queenstown Gardens, 29 Park Street and enroll to a 20-minute quick lesson. Don’t worry about falling on the ice as the experienced instructors will make sure that you have the confidence enough to have fun! The arena offers an amazing activity for all ages and the fully enclosed ice rink makes it a better option for families to try out. The ice arena is approximately 12-20 minutes away from Queenstown Airport.

These spots are accessible within the area of Queenstown, giving you the privilege to drive straight from the car rental service you have availed for your family. After your first trip, you will realize that a second one may also be possible, you just have to make time for it, plan and allow savings for the holiday as the children are growing up too fast and we are not getting any younger.