Is New Zealand your pick for your ultimate holiday getaway for the family? Great choice! It is always nice to explore places that will bring a lifetime of good memories to you and your kids. What better way to bond with them than by going on a road trip in picturesque landscape backdrops of New Zealand?

This country boasts plenty of spots to visit —- ranging from wonderful beaches to soak under the sun or the nature-filled areas perfect for camping and hiking. Whatever you list down on your itinerary is possible and it would be awesome if you avail the best car hire in the area that would take your family in your next journey.

There are a few car rental companies that claims being the best car rental services in New Zealand, but it is a combination of factors that differs one from another. In booking your car rental service there are some things to consider: the customer rating score, price, types of car available, and the deals they offer. Always choose the one that offers a complete package for a decent price. Do not hesitate to research and compare prices. When choosing the perfect vehicle for you and your family, here are the options that you can select from:



SUV is the top and most common vehicle of choice for family travelers out there. It connotes an air of sophistication tied with comfort, performance and function. Depending on the weather and place where you’re going, there is a wide variety to choose from — from Hyundai Tucson 2WD, Toyota Rav 4 or Highlander to BMW X5. For snowy and muddy areas, better get a 4WD. For long drives in warmer climates, a 2WD is the best option. For something in between with only occasional rains or snow, an AWD is the most suitable.

Luxury Sedan


If you are looking for something that exudes a sense of style and performance powered by top of the line innovation, you can opt to get a luxury sedan. Examples are BMW 318i and 418d GRAN Coupe. Who says you can’t get classy when going for an adventure?

Small Family Car


If your family is composed of only three or four members, a small family car will be fine for you. There is an awesome array of this type of vehicles which you can choose from. Toyota Yaris or Corolla is one of the good choices. These cars are very reliable for a quick escape offering you a well-blended showcase of practicality and convenience that is perfect for your small family. This car is easy to handle suitable for driving through the narrowest alleys and tight parking spaces. Do not forget to pack light!

Mini Van


If you travel with a large group, a large family with an extension of relatives and friends, you may choose a Mini Van. These vehicles offer a wider sitting capacity (8 seater) with additional features such as a bigger baggage space and additional leg room. An example would be the Hyundai iMax which gives a homey-vibe on your once in a lifetime holiday.

Exploring new places is a very exciting and fulfilling thing. This is a great way to have your family bond together, enjoy activities, and share moments together. Make your trip a wonderful and memorable one with the best car choice that can take you anywhere. A ride that would give you comfort and convenience that your family deserves!