5 Noteworthy Spots in Wellington, New Zealand

August 16, 2018, Rachelle Travel Guide

Being a compact city, Wellington is considered as the little capital in the world. This city boasts sandy beaches and surrounding hills. Discover some crafted beers, fine wines, and mouth-watering dishes, and enjoy timeless sights around the capital of New Zealand. If you’re into exploring the vibrant Wellington and learn more about its culture, consider […]

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List of Car Rental Fees to Avoid When Travelling to New Zealand

July 27, 2018, Rachelle Car Rental Tips

Are you sick and tired of looking for a cheap car hire online, only to find out that they have other charges upon your arrival at their depot? When in New Zealand, not only must you be wary of road rules, you also need to be mindful of your budget! Make sure you are getting […]

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Best Things To Do In New Zealand During Winter

July 6, 2018, Rachelle Travel Guide

Planning a trip to New Zealand during the Winter Season? Breathtaking sceneries and fun filled activities are yours for the taking. Better look for the best car hire which will take you to these places. Here’s a run-down of the things you can do here. Go skiing and snowboarding This is a no-brainer once you […]

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