Best Things To Do In New Zealand During Winter

Planning a trip to New Zealand during the Winter Season? Breathtaking sceneries and fun filled activities are yours for the taking. Better look for the best car hire which will take you to these places. Here’s a run-down of the things you can do here.

Go skiing and snowboarding

This is a no-brainer once you see the snow. And if you are new to these kinds of activities, that makes it even more better. There’s just no excuse to skip this one out.

Check out the winter festivals

Though Queenstown has the most famous Winter Festival in all of NZ, don’t cross out other towns and cities when it comes to showcasing the way they party. If you’re into a more artsy kind of celebration and up for more vibrant colors, check out Waiheke Winter Arts Festival held every June. And if you have that old soul vibe going on, you must check out Cuba Street at Wellington for their Jazz Festival.

Explore the local wineries

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or not, the scenery of the vineyards will make you fall in love with New Zealand. There are year-round tour packages so why not explore it during the Winter season to help you go through the coldest days. Marlborough is New Zealand’s largest wine region and is home to the world-renowned Sauvignon Blanc. Don’t miss its breathtaking views of wineries and vineyards even in this time of the year.

Spectate the Biennial Winter Games

From August to September, the Audi Quattro Winter Games is worth watching. This Winter Olympic, Paralympic, and X-Games event is completely free, so even if you are not a snow sports lover it’s still good to check out.

Light up your Winter nights

This activity hits two birds with one stone. Famous for their Victorian and Edwardian architecture, Dunedin hosts a Midwinter Carnival and Lantern Parade every June. Better prepare yourself for street parties, breathtaking performances, and a spectacular fireworks display.

Whale Watching

June and July are the peak migration periods of whales in NZ. To catch a sight of these magnificent creatures, you can go to Wellington, Picton, or Kaikoura for this activity.

While not mentioned, there are still lots of other things to do in New Zealand and not just in the South Island. Be sure to check them out and immerse yourself in this one of a kind adventure.