Advantages of One-Way Relocation Rentals in New Zealand

Hiring a car on a rental company is costly and getting a car during the peak season is difficult. If you travel on a budget, you would want to get inexpensive options that will get you around your itinerary. To help you ease your worries, we offer discounted relocation rentals. You help us bring our cars to our other branches, while you enjoy an affordable ride going to your next destination. If you plan to travel to Auckland from Wellington, Christchurch, or Queenstown, then read on to get more information about this awesome deal.

You can save money on relocation deals. Car companies are moving their cars to other branches on certain periods of the year. Instead of hiring and spending on trucks and drivers to transfer their cars, we allow travelers/renters to drive one-way on specific dates. For the convenience of the customers and to help them save their money, the standard one-way fees are not charged and the rental fees either discounted or waived! There are also deals that offer free fuel tank and ferry ticket.

Surprise yourself and drive a car you’ve never driven before. Of course, you can choose the type of car and capacity that you require for your trip. The options are huge: from a normal sedan or hatch, a SUV, premium car or a van! The model year may vary but if you chance on a latest sports car or a luxury vehicle you’ve been dreaming of having, this is a chance to have a go of that dream car and take a selfie!

Minimum requirements. Whether you are a backpacker, student, traveling solo, with a friend, a group or with your family, you are eligible to drive a relocation vehicle. All you need is a valid full driving license, a credit card and you should be over 21 years of age. You MUST also return the car at the agreed time and location as the car rental company needs the car you will be driving at the time set. Rental extensions are subject to approval but can be arranged.

Here are the simple steps how to book your relocation car:

  1. Search for relocation deals online or ask your local hostels, car rental companies in the area if they have one. An advertisement and a promo code should be available that you can use to access this specific deal. If you are booking online, you can visit our relocation deals page to book or to get more information.
  2. Choose your desired locations: where to pick-up and drop-off the car and stick to it.
  3. Plan your travel and enter the dates and time you can complete the entire car transfer. Relocation offers are time-specific as the company would want the car to move in another branch as this affects their fleet planning calendar. Rental extensions are not always permissible so you must plan how long your travel will take before you book the car.
  4. Identify the type of car you want to rent and check the availability. The information about the car you will be driving are sometimes nonspecific, but the basics are there: type of vehicle (sedan/SUV/), transmission, and seating capacity. Make, model and year are sometimes not you can always inform the car rental company of any requests. However, always keep in mind that these offers usually depend on car availability, not on the customer’s preference.
  5. Fill-out other information such as your name and contact details. Some companies will require credit card details and others, like us, don’t.
  6. Review the car rental terms and conditions and ask the company if you have questions regarding the terms and the relocation offer. If you are a foreigner, there are resources available about safe will help you travel safely in New Zealand roads.

Relocation rentals is the most cost-saving way to move cars in between locations and the most economical way to travel on a budget. It is a win-win deal for both rental car companies and budget travelers so go ahead and release the frugal wanderer in you by traveling in a relocation car.