7 Ways to Find Cheap Car Hire in New Zealand

Thinking of renting a car in New Zealand? Will there be cheap options? Car hire prices in New Zealand can vary widely depending on various factors. For instance, it can depend on where you’re renting the car and the age or model year of the car you are after. Little extras add up in the end, especially if you’re looking at a long drive. Find a great company and take note of these tips to help you save money as you rent a car in New Zealand.

1. Go during off-peak season.

It’ll be like the country is all yours to explore. Generally, from March to October, the crowd is less and there’s not much traffic in popular sights. The demand is also less in car rental companies, which means more flexibility for you as you choose a vehicle to hire. You might even pay 30 to 50 percent less than what you’re likely to pay during peak seasons.

2. Find travel buddies.

It feels great to be able to travel solo, but if you’re eager to reduce expenses, then it helps a lot to travel with a group. Find friends that would be willing to travel with you and that you can share transportation expenses with. Or better yet, find travelers in New Zealand that are also planning to go on a road trip. You can split all related costs. Plus, you might get to form new friendships in the process.

3. Be flexible.

When booking a car, be flexible with the dates and other options possible. Like how it works with airlines, you’ll find that car rental prices vary per date. Play around with travel dates and see which ones will give you the best value for your money. And don’t forget to start booking early. If you can’t travel during off-peak season, booking early is one way you can save a lot.

4. Get a small car.

If you’re traveling with a small group and aren’t planning to rent a campervan, then you might as well book a small car. The smaller the car, chances are the cheaper they are, too. It also consumes less fuel and this can be costly in New Zealand. But that doesn’t mean you will not find a cheap car hire service in New Zealand.

5. Consider renting for a long period.

Car rental companies may be offering huge discounts for travelers renting a car for a long time. Plan your itinerary ahead of time and see if it’ll be practical to have your own private car throughout. Look out for companies that don’t charge one-way booking fees. This can allow you to save a hundred dollars, especially if you’re thinking of picking up and dropping off the car in a different location.

6. Compare prices.

You may be swayed by the car rental broker websites you will see on the first pages of search engines when you search for a car rental company. However, it is good to do more research and compare the prices that you initially gathered to the direct websites of the car rental companies. It may work the other way around, but it is good to compare the prices and deals offered independently by these companies before you book your car. You may even stumble upon a good deal that is not provided in the other website and you can also contact the main company to match the price for you.

7. Inspect your car before driving off.

Contain the excitement for a while and take your time inspecting the rental car. The car hire company will likely have a record of damages, which they will furnish you with. However, it pays to do your own thorough inspection. You might see dents or scratches that aren’t on the list. Take photos and videos as proof and be sure to call the attention of a representative. You don’t want to be charged for damages you didn’t cause.

Finding a cheap car rental in New Zealand is always possible, and it’s also possible to reduce related costs. Take note of these tips before booking a vehicle. And rent only from a trusted company in the country. The point is you can be assured there are heaps of options available for you.