5 Noteworthy Spots in Wellington, New Zealand

Being a compact city, Wellington is considered as the little capital in the world. This city boasts sandy beaches and surrounding hills. Discover some crafted beers, fine wines, and mouth-watering dishes, and enjoy timeless sights around the capital of New Zealand.

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Wellington may be small, but tourists and locals alike can find endless things to see and do when visiting this superb city. As a starter for a fun-filled tour, here are the five spots you can visit:

Mount Victoria

Sometimes seeing things we don’t usually see can bring refreshment to our soul. If you find relaxation in witnessing such sights, take time and drive all the way up to Mount Victoria. This place offers a lookout where you can get a panoramic view of the city and harbour, as well as take cool photographs of nature. Snacks like fish and chips can give you a good company as you wait for the sun to go down on a wonderful day.

Te Papa

Fond of museums? Te Papa is absolutely a great recommendation for you. The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is the county’s national museum and is seated in its capital city, Wellington. It opened in 1998 and since then houses multiple conferences, conventions and meeting spaces. Te Papa also has a lot of art collections which artists would surely like to see up close and personal.


Located 4km away from Wellington, Karori is a suburb where anyone can find an escape outside the busy life of central business district. But Karori is not just an escape destination, but it also can be your home. Here you will find the Zealandia, a 225-hectare section of a bush to its pre-human state. Listen as some various kinds of birds sing for you.

Wellington Zoo

Are you an animal lover? If you are, you should not miss Wellington Zoo! Play with friendly ones such as a mob of meerkats or hand-feed a giraffe if you wish to. There are countless things to do in this zoo so be sure to book a close encounter with more than a hundred species of animals.

Cuba Street

Hipsters, vintage enthusiasts, and even hipsters—the Cuba Street is a haven for everything that is bohemian-inspired. Hear fun music played through a percussive guitar by the entertainers and take your chance to have a rare photo of the one and only, Bucket Fountain.

Feeling excited yet? Great. Leave your worries behind and enjoy New Zealand in a life-changing experience in the beautiful city of Wellington.